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Real happy about my song ‘ Up On That Hill’

Brilliant country singer Shawn Colvin has released a new CD and has included my song ‘Up On That Hill’ Thanks Shawn and thanks Buddy Miller who produced the album titled ‘All Fall Down’ More info re album All Fall Down
Will be in London next Thursday 14th June ! I know Ireland are playing, we are trying to sort out times !! More info Bush Hall
Was supposed to be opening for The Cranberries in Hammersmith Apollo on the 18th June but unfortunately the show has been moved to Oct 10th !

5 Responses to “Real happy about my song ‘ Up On That Hill’”

  1. Laura Derry...... says:

    Great news …. Love that song… :)

  2. Paddy Purell says:

    Good stuff she hasn’t been here for a while must look it up .
    Maith fear a Micheal

  3. sinead says:

    Any chance seeing you in Lahinch this summer??

  4. Renee says:

    Your song ‘Up on that Hill’ is one of the most beautiful I’ve heard in a long time! I love it so much ! Love your work!!!

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