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**Castlebar Gig Moved**

Due to a demand in tickets Mick’s gig has been moved from The Acoustic Room in TF Royal up to the bigger room The TF Royal Theatre.
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One Response to “**Castlebar Gig Moved**”

  1. Edward Reid says:


    Going to your gig tonight in castlebar. Love your tunes! My question is, Do you mind if I bring a camera into the gig? I’m studyin photography and would be chuffed to get some shots of it. I asked the royal theatre and they said cameras are prohibited, but I can forward on any shots i get to you, and of course I would not be using them commercially in any way. You can also have the rights to whatever I shoot. You may have your own photographer, its just something I want to do, so if you can pull any strings it would be great. I don’t want stage access or anything, so no bother there!

    Cheers Ed.

    Best of luck with the gig, your albums great!

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