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Red to Blue – Number 1 in the iTunes Chart Today !!

Red to Blue

15 Responses to “Red to Blue – Number 1 in the iTunes Chart Today !!”

  1. Jamie says:

    Great to see this go straight to number 1 & rightly so……

  2. INMA RICO says:


  3. Ciaran says:

    Great album Mick. Congrats. Listening to it on repeat!

  4. David says:

    Another terrific release to make up an amazing trilogy of albums.
    Outstanding songwriting. Roll on Belfast gig. PS real probs up North getting hold of this!

    • Verge Management Ltd. says:

      Thanks David, will let the label know about supply of album in Belfast ! Where did you manage to find it ??

      • David says:

        My daughter was going to Dub on Sunday so she was given the v sp task of buying the album for me! Seriously, Mick’s CDs are v difficult to get hold off. I now have all 3. Every now and then an artist comes along who tears at your soul and Mick is in that category. Best wishes to all.

  5. Ruairi says:

    As a person who likes to have the physical copy of the CD (especially since this particular one has such great artwork) I’m trying to avoid purchasing the MP3 album but I’m really struggling to find a copy of the CD in Northern Ireland. Any advice?

  6. Ruairi says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more but fortunately I’ve just returned from a last ditch venture into Belfast looking for the CD and in case anyone else in the area is struggling to find it, I did manage to pick up a copy – about five minutes ago – from Xtra Vision in the Castle Court complex.
    The trade of course being that while I now have the CD (looks great by the way!) I don’t get the three bonus tracks. C’est la vie! Thanks for your help.

  7. Niamh Sullivan says:

    I have never enjoyed an album as much as this one. I saw mick play in Douglas cork the other day – my first time ever queuing for an autograph – I am in total awe of his beautiful talent.
    Wishing him all the success in the world.
    Kind regards

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